Invisalign Braces without Brackets or Wires Help Straighten Crooked Teeth

Invisalign Braces without Brackets or Wires Help Straighten Crooked Teeth

September 19, 2022

Orthodontics deals with the relationship between your teeth and jawbone, involving the proper positioning of your teeth. A standard orthodontic problem malocclusion affects many people leaving them with crowded, extra, or missing teeth, incorrectly positioned teeth, or misaligned jaws.

Orthodontic treatments are ideal for straightening your teeth or realigning your jaw over a period. Traditional orthodontic treatments providing braces with metal brackets and wires are available for over a century proving themselves as effective remedies to treat severe malocclusion.

Unfortunately, many people are not affected by malocclusion of the severe variety, making them ineligible for orthodontic treatment. However, the late 90s welcomed introducing an alternative treatment for teeth straightening from Align Technologies that introduced the revolutionary alternative for millions to get their teeth straightened using dentist in Berlin and Cromwell, CT provided orthodontic treatment instead of seeking specialized therapies.

What Was the Alternative Developed by Align Technologies?

Align technologies introduced the revolutionary Invisalign braces for the millions with mild to moderate malocclusion to have their teeth straightened and benefit from the results Invisalign provided.

The manufacturers did away with the embarrassment people encountered wearing metal brackets and wires in their mouths by introducing transparent and dental-grade plastic clear teeth aligners.

Align technologies went a step further, eliminating orthodontic specialists to provide Invisalign treatment because they trained and certified the dentist in Berlin and Cromwell, CT, to give the clear braces to millions of people around the globe looking to straighten their teeth without embarrassment.

How Does Invisalign Treatment Benefit People?

Invisalign treatment benefits people in multiple ways. People are no longer required to show off teeth with traditional braces over them but can flash their Invisalign teeth to everyone around them unmindful of the reality they are undergoing treatment to straighten their teeth.

The treatment with invisible aligners is virtually unnoticeable by anyone, even from close proximity. In addition, the dental-grade clear transparent aligners developed by Invisalign remain on the teeth for 20 to 22 hours every day without irritating people’s mouths or gums because no wires exist on them.

Invisalign Berlin and Cromwell, CT, are removable from the mouth or eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. However, the Invisalign dentist recommends that the aligners return to the teeth immediately after ensuring the treatment continues unhindered. Most people using Invisalign aligners are comfortable wearing them over their teeth when working, going to school, or socializing. Therefore people using the transparent aligners are getting straighter teeth without brackets, wires, and bands.

People are not restricted from having the foods they love or the beverages they prefer, like it is familiar with traditional braces. So long as people remember the removable aligners must go off their teeth when eating their favorite foods and drinking anything but water or having chewing gum, they can continue with the treatment comfortably without concerns.

If traditional braces require three years or more to straighten teeth, Invisalign treatment delivers results faster by straightening teeth in approximately 18 to 24 months. The only stipulation from Invisalign is to have the invisible aligners over the teeth for the timeline they specify without any compromises.

How Does One Proceed Getting Invisalign Treatment?

The first step is to visit the Invisalign dentist in Berlin and Cromwell, CT. The dentist assesses people’s suitability for the treatment while also allowing people to ask questions.

In step two, the dentist takes digital impressions of the patient’s mouth using a 3D intraoral scanner. The scan allows people to visualize their smiles after Invisalign treatment.

A few weeks later, people can collect their first set of Invisalign aligners to place over their teeth or approximately two to three weeks before receiving a fresh batch of aligners to continue treatment. Invisalign treatment moves people’s teeth incrementally, and as people progress to the treatment, every set of aligners takes them closer to their smile goal.

Invisalign treatment eliminates the need for monthly orthodontic visits to adjust and tighten the wires because Invisalign replaces the aligners every fortnight. In addition, the lack of cables eliminates orthodontic visits altogether as people continue with their treatment without interruptions.

People must visit their Invisalign dentist once every six to eight weeks to assess their progress and collect their fresh batch of aligners.

At the end of the treatment, people must revisit the Invisalign dentist to receive retainers which they must wear over the teeth to ensure they don’t move back to their original positions.

As is evident, Invisalign braces without brackets or wires are a straightforward alternative for many people who are not like traditional orthodontic treatments for getting get it straightened.

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