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Full Arch Dental Implants Provides a Permanent and Functional Smile

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The Alternative to Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures are a time-tested solution to replace full arches of missing teeth that have proven to restore a semblance of functionality to the smile; however, they have failed to address other dental concerns like bone loss and stability. Because dentures are designed to sit on top of the gums, they do not provide bone stimulation to prevent jaw bone recession. This results in a rapidly changing smile and the need for new dentures over time. Recognizing this as an inconvenient and unreliable long-term solution, modern dentistry has provided us with an alternative: full arch dental implants, which solve the problems of traditional dentures.

Long-Term Solutions for Full Arches of Missing Teeth

Full Arch Dental Implants
The Astra Tech Implant

Dental implants have paved the way for convenient, long-term solutions for missing teeth. Full-arch tooth replacement allows you to have a brand-new smile with a full set of new, strong and lifelike teeth. At Advanced Dental, we place Dentsply Astra Tech implants for their stability and durability. When it comes to replacing full arches, you have several options to choose from.

Advanced Implant Solutions

Full arch dental implants

Full arch dental implants rely on strategically placed implant posts that provide bone stimulation and support for a full arch of teeth that looks and feels completely natural. These implants are permanently placed into the mouth without relying on messy pastes or adhesives that are known to make dentures slip and click.

Implant supported dentures

Implant supported dentures combine the advantages of dental implants with the proven results of traditional dentures to provide one comprehensive smile solution. Dentures are snapped into place over dental implants for a reliable fit and comfort. These dentures are often removable by both you and Dr. Mike Maroon.

Technology and Experience for the Best Possible Results

To determine which full arch solution is right for your smile, start by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Maroon. We can evaluate the state of your jaw and discuss which option would offer the best results. No matter which solution you choose, we will incorporate advanced dental technology, such as Digital Smile Design and CBCT scans, into your treatment plan to give you accurate and predictable results. As a Master in the International Academy of Implant Prosthodontics and a well-known, published author within the dental community, Dr. Maroon is a uniquely qualified, highly-trained dental specialist.

Full Arch Dental Implants
How A Full Arch Is Placed

The Proof Is In Our Patients

Tooth replacement is simple with modern dentistry from a skilled professional. Contact our office to learn more about full arch dental implants.

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