General Dentistry – How Can It Help You Live A Better Life?

General Dentistry – How Can It Help You Live A Better Life?

September 19, 2022

Similar to physicians, general dentists are primary care providers; however, they specialize in oral health. General dentists specialize in diagnosing, treating, and managing your overall health care needs. Usually, general dentists have a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery)) or a DMD (Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry)

Why Is General Dentistry Important?

Leaving tooth decay or gum disease unattended can cause infections, putting the body at risk of health problems. The mouth is connected to other systems in the body, and oral health impacts the lungs and heart. Oral health can also affect the quality of your sleep and body inflammation levels.  General family dentistry is necessary for maintaining your oral and overall health while maintaining a beautiful smile.

How Does Your Oral Health Affect Your Overall Health?

Poor oral hygiene increases your risk of gum disease and cavities. These diseases can infect the bloodstream, which in turn affects body health. Poor oral hygiene can lead to heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer

Why Should You Visit A General Dentist?

Health is wealth. As discussed above, your oral health affects your overall health. A general dentist performs duties that can improve your oral health, thus keeping you healthy. General dentists can diagnose oral disease and create customized treatment plans to maintain and restore your oral health. Furthermore, general dentists monitor the growth and development of the teeth and jaws to promote oral health and prevent diseases.

What are the Common General Dentistry Services?

Unlike dental specialists, general family dentistry caters to patients of all ages, and they provide restorative, cosmetic, and other dental treatments. Standard general dentistry services include dental examinations, teeth cleaning, x-rays, dental fillings, and sealants. Other general dentistry services include fluoride treatments, oral cancer screening, root canal treatment, and gingivitis treatment. Furthermore, general dentists can carry out minor oral surgeries like wisdom teeth removal.

How Often Should You Visit a General Dentist?

As established earlier, general dentistry in Berlin, CT, helps restore and maintain your oral health. Thus to live a life with lower health risks, you should visit a general dentist every six months. Although this is a general rule of thumb, it does not apply to everybody. The frequency of your visit to a general dentist depends on your medical conditions, oral hygiene, and habits.

People who need to visit a general dentist more frequently include pregnant women, people with diabetes, and smokers. Also, people with weak immune response, gum disease, or at risk of cavities and plaque buildup should visit a general dentist often. Usually, your general dentist will let you know when to schedule your next appointment.

How To Maintain Your Oral Health?

Regularly visiting a dentist ensures that oral health problems and diseases are easily noticed. However, your oral hygiene is also essential in maintaining your oral health. Good oral hygiene can lengthen the te between your dental visits.

Observing proper hygiene include;

  • Brushing twice daily
  • Flossing once a day
  • Using fluoride toothpaste
  • Avoid smoking
  • Limiting sugary foods and starch
  • Avoid sugary drinks. Water is better
  • Using a mouthwash

Where Can You Get General Dentistry?

There are seasoned general dentists available at advanced dental- Berlin to attend to patients of all ages. The dentists can diagnose and prescribe customized treatment plans to maintain your oral health.


Your oral health can heavily impact your overall health. General Dentistry is necessary because it reduces the risk of diseases, helping you live a better and healthier life. Apart from visiting a general dentist, it would be best if you still observed proper oral hygiene.

General Dentistry in Berlin, CT, aims at diagnosing and providing the best treatment for everyday health problems. Visit us at advanced dental – Berlin for diagnosis and treatment

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