Jessica Simpson

What Makes This Smile So Ideal?

You may have at one point or another admired the smile of a celebrity or TV personality. There is a reason why people and dentists in particular seek to achieve what are considered perfect or ideal smiles. Jessica Simpson, the pop singer turned actress, was considered to have one of the most ideal smiles in Hollywood. What makes a good smile? Dr. Maroon knows as does the staff at Advanced Dental in Berlin, CT.

Without going into the extreme science and technology that our practice uses to help our patients get the smile of their dreams, we can examine some characteristics that are easy to understand. The following actually comes from a test by some scientists who wanted to determine what the guidelines for a great smile are:

  1. The whiteness of one’s teeth should match the whites of their eyes. Teeth that are overly white should be avoided.
  2. The ideal width of the smile should be no less than half of the width of the face.
  3. Both the upper and lower lips should be symmetrical on each side of the mid-line of the face.
  4. The top row of teeth should be dominant while the teeth on the bottom row should be seen very little or not at all.
  5. All teeth that are visible should be straight and show no visible signs of restorations.
  6. The teeth should diminish in size from front to back.
  7. The appearance of the gums in a smile should be avoided.

Although there are great smiles out there that don’t adhere to these rules a lot of these guidelines are what many deem to be components of a great smile. Of course a perfect smile is relative to the individual and we don’t want anyone to feel that if they do not have a smile such as the one mentioned above they are missing out on anything.

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