tooth decay and candy

Tooth Decay and Candy

It’s Halloween again and our kids are getting excited for the end of the month and the fun times that come with trick-or-treating. Unfortunately for parents and kids, there are a lot more treats going around than treats which are ultimately to blame for tooth decay and cavities in teeth. Most parents realize that candy is bad for teeth but do they understand why?

Most candy that is consumed contains large amounts of sugar. Given that your kids will probably be given lots of free candy they will consuming sugar in large amounts without any real understanding of the potential damage it can have on their teeth. It is then the parent’s responsibility to help their children promote good oral hygiene as to not damage their teeth and cause tooth decay. We aren’t telling you to stop your kids from eating candy before, during, or after Halloween but we are recommending you take the appropriate measures to ensure they are cleaning their teeth.

The sugars in candy play a role in the decay of teeth which can eventually lead to cavities. The sugars, if not properly cleaned off the teeth contribute to the formation of bacteria on your children’s teeth. This bacteria turns into plaque, a sticky, colorless substance which can lead to tooth decay. The plaque that accumulates on teeth produces acids that attack the protective layer of teeth called enamel. Enamel is made up of minerals that help add to the hardness of the teeth. If these minerals are dissolved by acids the enamel then becomes porous and allows holes in the teeth to appear, eventually resulting in a cavity.

This is why Advanced Dental recommends helping your kids to practice healthy brushing and flossing habits, especially when they are eating a lot of sugary candies. Prevention is the key to further oral health care problems and additional visits to the dentist. Although we love to see you, we want to see you with a healthy, attractive smile!.