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As a welcome to our CT teeth whitening office we will give you a free teeth whitening kit when you come in for a dental cleaning, initial exam and necessary x-rays. It is just our way of thanking you for your business and helping you to have a bright smile. Call 860-218-9450 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page to schedule your appointment.

Teeth whitening is available in many forms at our CT dental facility ranging from an hour visit to our office to at-your-convenience take home kits. The purpose of a teeth whitening is to restore your teeth to their natural color by removing dirt and debris. A tooth “bleaching” is whitening teeth beyond their natural color, and strictly applies to products that contain a safe level of bleach, such as hydrogen peroxide and carbide peroxide. We are the experts at teeth whitening in Connecticut.

Our teeth are composed of a porcelain-like enamel surface that protects our teeth from the effects of chewing, gnashing, trauma and acid attacks caused by sugar. Over time enamel is worn down and becomes more transparent and the yellowing that associated with this effect shows through. The good news is that whitening can remove stains from your teeth to restore your teeth to a bright, white smile that you can be proud of. Your consultation with Dr. Maroon will help decide which type of whitening is right for you.

Advanced Dental uses the following safe and effective whitening products:

  • Treswhite – Tres White by Ultradent
  • NiteWhite® Excel2 by Discus Dental
  • Day White® 2 by Discus Dental
  • Zoom! Professional Teeth Whitening by Discus Dental

Treswhite – Tres White by Ultradent

Treswhite is an at-home bleaching kit which whitens teeth with less sensitivity while rebuilding enamel and preventing caries (tooth decay). The Treswhite system is simple to use. The tray is removed from the package, placed on teeth and worn for about an hour. After the cleaning time is up, the patient removes the tray and brushes away any excess gel.

The Treswhite system boasts the following advantages:

  • Fast results
  • Great flavors
  • Comfortable design tray
  • Reduced sensitivity

NiteWhite® Excel2 by Discus Dental

NiteWhite is recommended for patients who prefer to whiten their teeth while they sleep. The unique formula is clinically proven to reduce sensitivity, rebuild enamel, and whiten teeth. The patient uses a clear and inconspicuous custom-fitted tray filled with whitening gel that is Peppermint flavored. In about 7-10 nights a patient can expect to see results that produce stronger and whiter teeth. This product contains carbamide peroxide, a revolutionary technology that reduces the teeth’s sensitivity and rebuilds enamel while filling surface defects and adding luster.

DayWhite® 2 by Discus Dental

DayWhite utilizes the full power of hydrogen peroxide in a take-home tooth whitening system. It is clinically proven to whiten teeth quickly, safely, and effectively. It is composed of a two part whitening system. The patented dual chamber syringe combines a cool mint flavored gel with an activator formula precisely at the time of application. The result is a revolutionary whitener that produces white teeth in just a few days.

DayWhite’s mild solution contains a unique blend of natural soothers, conditioners and flavor enhancers. It is dispensed by Dr. Maroon from our CT office, but applied by the patient at home and at their own convenience. If you want quick results achieved by wearing a tray only 30 minutes twice a day, then DayWhite is a solution for you.

Zoom! Professional Teeth Whitening by Discus Dental at our CT dental facility

Zoom teeth whitening takes only one office visit and can deliver immediate results you will be proud of. Performed by Dr. Maroon in the comfort of our office, a Zoom teeth whitening will have you on your way to a whiter and brighter smile. The procedure is simple and quick. It begins with a short preparation to cover your lips and gums, so that only your teeth are exposed. Then Dr. Maroon will apply the whitening gel that is used specifically for the Zoom light. The light and gel work together to gently penetrate the stains and discoloration on your teeth. While your teeth are being cleaned you can relax, and before you know it you can go home with a whiter, brighter smile.

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