smile design

Smile Design

As we learned in the first post on smile design principles there are multiple factors that Dr. Maroon takes into consideration when looking to improve your smile.  These factors included facial esthetics, gum esthetics, Microesthetics and Macroesthetics.  Combining these factors to improve smiles greatly enhances ones overall appearance and can greatly improve self-esteem.  In this post we wanted to elaborate a bit more on cosmetic dentistry smile design styles that are popular amongst patients and celebrities alike.

The Sexy Smile

The sexy smile is associated with varying lengths of teeth, specifically the central incisors.  When these teeth first appear they tend to be longer than the other front teeth and over time wear down to an even length.  In a sexy smile design, the goal is to make the central incisors significantly longer than the lateral incisors so that the youthful appearance is brought back to your smile.  This type of appearance conveys youth and boldness by drawing attention to the center of the face, emphasizing the nose and chin.  It is often suggested for people with prominent, attractive lips.

The Sophisticated Smiles

We mentioned in the sexy smile that over time our teeth tend to even out.  This is the premise behind the sophisticated smile, a straight horizontal line that conveys maturity, intelligence and sophistication.  This smile emphasizes the width of the lower face as the even lengths of the teeth are associated with adulthood and wisdom.

The Sporty Smile

The sporty smile is a blend of the sophisticated and sexy smiles.  In this smile the central incisors are a little bit longer than the laterals.  This smile conveys warmth, casualness and informality.  The sporty smile is not as serious as the sophisticated smile yet not as youthful as the sexy smile.

The smile that you choose to go with may depend greatly on your personal goals and your facial shape.  Discuss with Dr. Maroon what your goals are he will work with you to develop a treatment plan that meets your smile goals.  Often your smile can be improved with the use of such treatments such as teeth whitening, veneers, or Invisalign..