Crooked teeth

Why straighten teeth?

Patients often voice their concerns over their crooked teeth and we explain that besides the aesthetics of having straight teeth there are also health benefits. Straight teeth can contribute to effective biting, chewing and speaking. They also contribute to healthy teeth and gums as well as the avoidance of additional oral health problems such as TMJ or gum disease. People with straight teeth are also shown to have better self-esteem as an attractive smile is associated with youth and confidence. Having boosts in your self-image and self-confidence are good qualities to have at any age. Orthodontic treatments help to bring the teeth, lips and face into proportion, factors that can help to maintain a more youthful appearance.

In addition to the benefits of properly aligned teeth such as bite, chewing, speaking and smiling, aligned teeth can also help to prevent oral health problems such as gum disease. People with poor alignment are more prone to the accumulation of plaque because crooked teeth are more difficult to clean. It is common for misaligned teeth to suffer from gum recession as a factor of gum disease and bacteria build-up. Teeth are much easier to clean and less susceptible to plaque and bacteria accumulation if they are moved into the ideal position.

The other truth behind straight teeth is that American social norms place a lot of weight on well-aligned healthy looking teeth. Straight teeth are associated with good health just as crooked teeth may be associated with poor health or poor economic status. Although these facets of aligned teeth may not be particularly important to people who are not image conscious the health benefits should speak more strongly as the reasons for straight teeth. We only get one set of teeth for our adult life and having them properly aligned is the best way to help maintain good oral health and prevent tooth loss, tooth decay, and abnormal wear and tear..