At Advanced Dental we believe you deserve the best dental care available today. That is why we always present you with the best option available for treating your dental condition. It is our strong belief that your dental treatment should not be compromised for financial reasons or third party influence.

We have several financial options available to allow you to have excellent dental care that comfortably fits within your budget.

If you have dental benefits you should be aware of some important information regarding those benefits. Please click on the link to learn more.

Easy Payment Options

Cash or Check

Get a 2.5% bookkeeping courtesy by paying in full at the time of service.For services requiring more than one appointment, to receive the 2.5% bookkeeping discount, the entire treatment plan must be paid in advance at the first visit.

MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover

We accept these major credit cards to allow you the most convenience in taking care of your account.

Dental Benefits

Important information on Dental Benefits

We are happy to assist you in filling out your dental benefit claim form to allow you to maximize your dental benefits.Choose from the following options to handle your account.

I prefer to receive a 2.5% bookkeeping courtesy by paying in full at the time of my visit. Please take care of all the paperwork for my dental insurance company and have them send the reimbursement check directly to me.

I prefer to pay my estimated co-payment by cash, check or charge card at the time of my visit. Please take care of all the paperwork and have my dental insurance company reimburse you. If you do not hear from my dental insurance company within 30 days or the amount of reimbursement is not enough to handle my account, I authorize you to charge any remaining balance to my credit card on file.

Springstone & Care Credit Patient Financing

For those who prefer to pay a little each month. We’ve made arrangements with several third party financing companies to allow you to complete your treatment with approved credit. Having several companies available will allow you to make relatively small monthly payments to fit easier within your budget. We are happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate company that would be best suited for your personal financial situation. A 2.5% administrative fee will be added for this option.

Gradual Treatment Plan

For those on a limited budget. By prioritizing treatment, those patients who do not have dental insurance and are on a tight budget can still complete their dental work by spreading appointments over several months or years.

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