Dr. Mike Maroon

Dr. Maroon in New You Magazine

Dr. Maroon is going to be featured in an upcoming issue of New You magazine, a national magazine devoted entirely to exploring aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. New You contacted Dr. Maroon recently to get some details about his role as a cosmetic dentist and how it relates to aesthetics. Daniel E. Lofaso, a marketer and writer for the ACE dental association recently interviewed Dr. Maroon and got his thoughts on smile design and principles.

The article on Dr. Maroon is slated to come out in the coming months and should be worth a read. Dr. Maroon discussed his goals when a patient walks in the door and the process involved in helping them get the smile they want. He takes in many different considerations that relate to the appearance of the smile such as how it must work together with that of the overall appearance of the face.

If you come in for a smile design expect Dr. Maroon to examine the characteristics of your face including your eyes, lips, nose and skin tones as well as your hair and other facial features. All of these things are blended together using Dr. Maroon’s experience of helping patients to achieve their ideal look regardless of age or existing dental condition.

The important thing about Advanced Dental is that we are able to offer many different dental procedures in our office rather than having to send you out to see a specialist. Dr. Maroon has received training in numerous different aspects of restorative and cosmetic dentistry and is able to help patients from beginning to end reach their smile goals. This is a benefit to patients because it allows them to be under the care of one professional who knows their goals and can see them through from beginning to end without the interference of outside help..