Teeth have shifted

My teeth have shifted, do I need braces again?

At Advanced Dental we have many patients who have had previous orthodontic appliances and then years later find that their teeth are not as straight as they would like them.  Most of these cases are due to patients not wearing their retainers after their braces come off and suffering the effects of not sticking to the treatment plan.  The good news is that with treatments like Invisalign you can remedy the effects of shifted teeth from a dentist who won’t blame you for not wearing your retainer.  Although the opinions expressed in this blog cover a broad and limited diagnosis, they are based on previous cases.  For an accurate diagnosis of your personal dental concerns, schedule a consultation with us today.

Why Teeth Shift After Braces

After your braces are removed your orthodontist probably gave you a retainer to wear so that your teeth would maintain in the final position planned for your mouth.  Retainers are used to hold your teeth in place while the surrounding bone recalcifies or hardens.  If they are not worn the teeth may be susceptible to some shifting and relapse can occur.  You can think of it like the settling of cement after it is poured, it takes time to harden.

At Advanced Dental we commonly suggest Invisalign for teeth that have relapsed.  Invisalign are clear aligners that allow patients to straighten their teeth while maintaining their mature appearance.  In addition to keeping their appearance, Invisalign treatments can even be under one year depending on the severity of the dental condition.

For patients that are looking for a quicker fix to their dental concerns they may want to consider dental veneers or Lumineers.  These cosmetic treatments can improve the appearance and function of your smile and only take a couple visits to our office.  To learn more about what you can do to improve your smile, contact our office today..