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Advanced Dental and The New England Center for Cosmetic Dentistry in Connecticut is famous for our commitment to making our guests feel comfortable and relaxed. We accommodate you in a peaceful, private, non-threatening environment and enjoy making you feel at home amongst our friendly staff and laid back atmosphere.

Our goal is to help you get a smile that is healthy and beautiful. We do this by first evaluating your goals during our smile evaluation. Next Dr. Mike Maroon and his staff will consult with you and involve you in the decision making process. We want you to be educated on the procedures we recommend and comfortable with the decision to improve your smile.

Below are some of the many Connecticut dentistry services that we offer, please feel free to familiarize yourself to get an understanding of how they can help you.

Personal Smile Makeover in Berlin, CT | Advanced DentalPersonal Smile Makeover: A smile makeover involves tooth repair or replacement, restoring your bite, and returning the muscles that control your jaw movement to their natural position. A smile makeover may include any combination of Lumineers, porcelain veneers, white fillings, crowns, dental caps, bridges, or teeth whitening. Advanced cosmetic & restorative dentistry is safe, effective and can usually be completed in just a couple short visits.

Invisalign in Berlin, CT | Advanced DentalInvisalign: Invisalign®, and the new Invisalign Express, is the invisible way to straighten teeth using a series of removable, clear, nearly undetectable aligners. Braces are a thing of the past; Invisalign requires no metal brackets to attach or wires to tighten, giving you the best freedom and choice to straighten your teeth.

Teeth Whitenings in Berlin, CT | Advanced DentalTeeth Whitening: Our teeth whitening system safely bleaches your teeth to lighten tooth discoloration caused by food, coffee, tobacco, aging and other sources. You are left with a fresh appearance as a result of your new whiter, brighter smile.

Tooth Filling in Berlin, CT | Advanced DentalTooth Fillings: The miracles of modern dentistry allow us to replace dark, unsightly fillings and old, ugly crowns with space-age, state-of-the-art, tooth-colored resin fillings or porcelain adhesive restorations.

TMJ in Berlin, CT | Advanced DentalTMJ Pain Relief: The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the hinge joint that connects the lower jaw (mandible) to the temporal bone of the skull. Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) occur as a result of problems with the jaw, jaw joint, and surrounding facial muscles that control chewing and moving the jaw. Our practice is to remedy these problems and pains and get you healthy again.

Veneers in Berlin, CT | Advanced DentalPorcelain Veneers & Lumineers: Empress® Porcelain Veneers & Lumineers® are custom-designed shells of tooth-like ceramic material that are adhesively bonded to your teeth to give you a natural, beautiful smile. They can be used to close gaps, lengthen shortened teeth, repair unsightly & stained bonding, brighten discolored teeth and restore function.

Gum Care in Berlin, CT | Advanced DentalComplete Gum Care: Brushing and flossing alone won’t prevent the excessive buildup of plaque and tartar on and around the teeth that cause the gums to become red and swollen. They are the cause of irritating gum diseases such as gingivitis. We help you prevent these bacteria and to maintain a healthy smile.

Bad Breath in Berlin, CT | Advanced DentalFresh Breath: Millions of people suffer from unpleasant breath; you don’t have to be one of them. Contact our office to learn more about the technologies available to help keep your breath fresh all day.

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