Transform Your Smile with Veneers

If you’re in the Berlin or Cromwell, CT areas and are interested in dramatically improving the look of your smile, there are many cosmetic dentistry options available to you, including veneers. Veneers can provide a smile transformation that can be life-changing. If you want a better smile, veneers can cover stained, chipped, and decayed teeth. They can also totally correct the symmetrical look of your smile and are often considered as an alternative to braces.

Veneers can give you that Hollywood smile you desire. Many patients of Advanced Dental who are not able to achieve their desired smile through other cosmetic dentistry options elect to go with veneers. They really can transform the way your teeth look!

Advanced Dental: Experts at Veneers

There are several types of veneers, including those that require some prep as well as veneers that do not require any major or irreversible changes to your natural teeth. Traditional veneers require that your teeth are filed or sanded so that the veneer, a thin and customized porcelain shell, can be applied to the tooth. This is an option that is considered for those who want a permanent improved smile. There are also no prep veneers, called Lumineers, which can be adhered to your teeth without the need for filing or sanding. Dr. Mike Maroon and his team are experts at both procedures and would be happy to discuss your options with you.

Are Veneers Right for Me?


There are a variety of cosmetic dentistry options that could help you with your oral health and smile improvement goals. Talking to Dr. Mike Maroon could help you navigate the many options available so that you can choose something that suits your needs, your lifestyle, and your budget. Dr. Maroon will examine the health of your teeth and gums and answer any questions you may have as well as suggest one or more treatment options for you.

Why Work with Advanced Dental?

Advanced Dental is a well-versed Berlin & Cromwell, CT dentistry practice with expertise in a variety of oral health and wellness areas, including cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, orthodontics, and other treatments, such as TMJ, gum care, and more. Our thorough and caring approach can put patients of all ages at ease. We pride ourselves on excellent results and happy patients. Learn more by checking our before and after photos of patients who have had veneers in our Berlin and Cromwell, CT. offices, or contact the Advanced Dental team for an appointment to discuss your options for a personalized smile makeover.

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