Recent Press Release about Dr. Maroon:

Dr. Michael Maroon of Advanced Dental in Berlin, CT is known mostly as being a leading smile designer for celebrities, beauty queens, and people from all walks of life. As part of his involvement with Montel Williams’ A Soldier’s Smile charity, he may be known for something else. Dr. Maroon is one of the founders of the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics (ACE), a dental association committed to providing advanced dentistry, knowledge sharing and patient care. ACE and Dr. Maroon went into a marketing venture with company RPM where they teamed up to form the A Soldier’s Smile charity amongst other ventures.

Montel Williams was introduced to the ACE network by RPM owner Rustin Savarese who worked with the board members and Montel to figure out a way they could give back to soldier’s in need. The result was the A Soldier’s Smile charity where ACE dentists donate their resources so that veterans can benefit from restorative dental care that they may be ineligible for through the V.A. The first A Soldier’s Smile treatment already was performed to a veteran whose cardiologist told him that he would not perform on him until he got his teeth fixed. This patient was a remarkable story of the importance of oral health and why the ACE dentists and Montel Williams are seeking to gain traction for these events across the country.

Currently only ACE dentists who are involved in the ACE/RPM Cooperative Marketing Platform are involved in A Soldier’s Smile. Other dentists can get involved either by joining the platform or getting listed on the A Soldier’s Smile dentist directory. To learn more about Dr. Maroon and the charity visit and look for the A Soldier’s Smile link..