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Reasons to Straighten Teeth

Patients often voice their concerns over their crooked teeth and we explain that besides the aesthetics of having straight teeth there are also health benefits. Straight teeth can contribute to effective biting, chewing and speaking. They also contribute to healthy teeth and gums as well as the avoidance of additional oral health problems such as TMJ or gum disease. People with straight teeth are also shown to have better self-esteem as an attractive smile is associated with youth and confidence. […]

Understanding TMJ Pain

Pain in the jaw, headaches, and tooth ache are all symptoms of TMD, or Temporomandibular Disorder. ¬†Although the three are seemingly different conditions they are all clues to issues with the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ). To help patients understand why the TMJ can cause pain let us discuss what it does and how it works. The TMJ joint is located in front of your ears and it is stabilized by ligaments and moved by muscles. When you have TMD it means […]