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Benefits of Searching Berlin, CT Dental Reviews

Reading dental reviews can be a great way to find a new dentist. Whether you need help for something urgent or want to find a new dental practice to look after your family’s needs on an ongoing basis, reviews could be a great place to find what you are looking for.

If you are in or around the Berlin, Connecticut area, for example looking up dentist reviews in Berlin could help you find a list of potential places to call for […]

Berlin, Connecticut Dentist Offers New Patients Free Exams and X-Rays

Dr. Josephine Franzese of Advanced Dental in Berlin, CT is offering new patients a free dental exam and x-rays through a Facebook special this summer. Dr. Franzese joins Dr. Mike Maroon, an esteemed cosmetic and restorative dentist, at the Connecticut practice to provide passionate and empathetic patient care that Advanced Dental is known for. Dr. Franzese is building her client-base at Advanced Dental and will be providing these free services valued at over $250 for free this summer.

A dental examination […]

Dr Maroon to Be Featured in New You Magazine

Dr. Maroon is going to be featured in an upcoming issue of New You magazine, a national magazine devoted entirely to exploring aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. New You contacted Dr. Maroon recently to get some details about his role as a cosmetic dentist and how it relates to aesthetics. Daniel E. Lofaso, a marketer and writer for the ACE dental association recently interviewed Dr. Maroon and got his thoughts on smile design and principles.

The article on Dr. Maroon is slated […]

Advanced Dental & ACE Give Back to Our Troops

Advanced Dental and the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics (ACE) have successfully launched the A Soldiers Smile charity event as of this past weekend. Dr. Mike Maroon was there to meet with other ACE dentists as well as Montel Williams, the official celebrity representative of the charity. If you have not yet heard, A Soldiers Smile is a way for underprivileged servicemen and women to get free or discounted dental care from professionals like Dr. Mike Maroon. The event will help […]

Understanding TMJ Pain

Pain in the jaw, headaches, and tooth ache are all symptoms of TMD, or Temporomandibular Disorder.  Although the three are seemingly different conditions they are all clues to issues with the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ). To help patients understand why the TMJ can cause pain let us discuss what it does and how it works. The TMJ joint is located in front of your ears and it is stabilized by ligaments and moved by muscles. When you have TMD it means […]

Teeth Whitening: Concerns with Over-the-counter Treatments

According to a recent study done last year, the importance of whiter teeth is evidenced by the $1.4 billion dollars Americans spent on over-the-counter whiteners in 2010.  It is likely that 2011 will showcase even higher numbers as at-home teeth whitening products become easier to use, more effective, and more affordable.

There are however some setbacks to these take-home treatments as some dentists are finding that their patients are taking the whitening craze a bit too far.  The increase in over-the-counter whitening methods has also brought up patient concerns such as:

Sensitivity of tooth enamel
Red, irritated gums
Hot and cold sensitivity on your teeth
A bluish-white translucent appearance on the edges of your teeth


Advanced Dental Blog Teeth Whitening: In-Office vs. Take-home

Teeth Whitening: In-Office vs. Take-Home Whitening
Teeth Whitening is one of the most common and popular of all cosmetic dentistry procedures.  As we age the enamel (protective outer layer) of our teeth wears down and brings out the color of the inner layer of our teeth called dentin which is more yellow in color.  To remedy this effect we have various teeth whitening options available to us, amongst them are in-office whitening and take-home whitening treatments.

Smile Design Principles

Smile Design Principles
Many feel that a smile is more than just a feature of their faces. Smiles can greatly attribute it to self-esteem. It is usually the first thing people see when they meet you, so it can be an important part of a great first impression. If you are self-conscious or unhappy with your smile, it can seriously affect how others perceive you. Fortunately, Advanced Dental of Berlin, Connecticut understands the impact a smile can have on your life and Dr. Maroon is capable of transforming your dental characteristics to produce dramatic results with positive influences on your life.
Here are some of the characteristics Dr. Maroon will take into account to improve the overall esthetic impact of your smile. The principles can be divided into four parts: