veterans day

Happy Veterans Day

Advanced Dental and the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics (ACE) have successfully launched the A Soldiers Smile charity event as of this past weekend. Dr. Mike Maroon was there to meet with other ACE dentists as well as Montel Williams, the official celebrity representative of the charity. If you have not yet heard, A Soldiers Smile is a way for underprivileged servicemen and women to get free or discounted dental care from professionals like Dr. Mike Maroon. The event will help select troops receive cosmetic and restorative dentistry treatments that help to improve their oral health and improve them self-confidence.

As you may be aware the health care system put in place for our troops at VA hospitals does not always afford them the health care they require. In fact, there are certain laws in place the put restrictions on providing health care for veterans based on their condition in or out of service and their income level.This means that our troops who have spent years in violent countries and away against their families may not have access to the dental care they need to keep them healthy.

It has been through the combined efforts of dentists like Dr. Mike Maroon and other ACE dentists that we have been able to make a difference in the lives of our troops. Combine this with Montel Williams’s endorsement of the charity and we should have some pretty good progress in the line of helping vets get the health care they need as well as providing discounted healthcare to their families.

To learn more about the A Soldiers Smile Event visit the ACE website and follow us on Facebook as more news comes forward. If you know any vets or active troops remember to thank them and don’t forget Veteran’s Day is this Friday November 11th so pay your respects to the men and women who have fought for our freedom..